First post…an invitation

Like every other blogger out there, I am under the impression I have something to say that will represent value to at least some fraction of the internet community. For those who choose to follow my posts, I believe you will read a perspective that may well differ from the mainstream HR community…at least that community that I often hear about when speaking to job candidates or to connections working in other organizations.

My approach to Human Resources is from what might be described as a sales and marketing perspective. I’m looking to add value, be seen as a resource and a highly credible professional, and to build a network of contacts, whether inside my organization or out, that are treated as customers. Yes, the last part about ’employees/applicants as customers’ is a cliché in my world, but I really do try to live it. I believe anyone can read and interpret, to some degree or another, policies and procedures. Anyone can post a job and review resumes using some sort of criteria they believe is reasonable. The same goes for processing a payroll, completing benefits paperwork, and the myriad of other administrative aspects to Human Resources (what I would consider the “Personnel Department” aspects of the role). These are duties I have and do perform, and they are extremely important. But, where I look to take it to a higher level, and what you’ll find I’ll be talking about here, is that other part of Human Resources that I believe is lacking in far too many organizations: the side where true, professional value is added.

So, I ask that you accept this invitation and check back every Friday to see what I have posted for the week. I believe you’ll be entertained, enriched, and provoked to think…not necessarily in that order.